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I am reminded of Teddy Pendergrass song when he said your my latest and my greatest inspiration. A National Economic Empowerment Plan is the latest and greatest thing we African Americans need/must do to bring Economic Renewal to our inner cities and communities. The struggle for African Americans is not just racial injustice, police brutality, black on black crime, unemployment or under employment but the greatest struggle or need from my vantage point is the lack or wealth and Economic Empowerment.  The key missing ingredients for African Americans is the lack of wealth, financial prowess and economic empowerment, which includes lack of business ownership.

A culture cannot determine its own destiny without its rightful Entrepreneurship. African Americans are ranked last in all economic ladders, from ownership and investments. The question becomes what can we do to truly have an economic transformation? I propose we develop a national plan that I am submitting in this article. What is an Economic Plan? What does it consist of and how can it impact both African Americans and all Americans? I think that a National Economic Renewal Plan is not a cure all but I think we as African Americans can have a greater change with a clearly defined succinct plan for Economic Renewal within our African American Communities.



  1. Every African Americans man and woman financial plan.
  2. Create a Business Certification Course for the purpose training and teaching people how to start and run a business effectively.
  3. Create a Business Endowment fund that when a person starts a business he or she has access to seed funding to start their business without having to start a business on a zero balanced budget better described as “no money” business.
  4. Develop a Collective Financial s. Responsibility Declaration that we have a fiduciary responsibility for each other’s success.
  5. Commit to circulating dollars within the Inner cities at a minimum of 3 times; yet the average is about 7to 9 times. If you spend your monies at least 3 African American Business that is one way to circulate by self measurement.
  6. Set up African American Economic Empowerment Centers All over the Unites States.
  7. Make a declaration to be fully gainfully employed or working somewhere no matter if you encounter racism or selfism, get up and get a job or make a job and go to work.
  8. Everybody a minimum of 3 books on financial and wealth education.
  9. Everyone attend at least 2 wealth financial seminars to improve and gain more knowledge on finances.
  10. Contact a financial advisor for professional financial assistance.
  11. Have as a goal of 3 streams of Income.
  12. Have diversified Investments/
  13. Develop some level of Business Partnerships.
  14. Each African American organization develop a ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT PLAN.
  15. Each person develop a DEBT FREE GOAL.
  16. Each person develop a Wealth Mind Set.
  17. Invest in a Wealth Legacy for our Children.
  18. Teach our children about the Culture of Wealth.
  19. Have a goal to become DEBT FREE.
  20. Don’t spend all of your money, learn to save 10 to 30% of every dollar that you actually spend.
  21. All Fraternities and sororities develop a National Plan for Economic Renewal for their communities.


CONCLUSION: It is imperative that African Americans have a National Economic Empowerment plan to change and transform us Economically. There is a correlation between wealth and crime. I propose that if we Increase the average wealth of some people the crime will automatically go down. But also If we all develop a real Economic Empowerment Plan we all will benefit and prosper. 84% of people who write their plans down also are the people who succeed and Increase their wealth. Please utilize and pass the National Plan for Economic Empowerment around to hundreds and thousands of people. Thank you,


Dr. Ralph Steele, is a Financial Consultant, attorney, mediator and arbitrator and a professor of mediation at the University of Texas Arlington, Texas. He has written several books on Wealth and Finance: How To Acquire and Keep Wealth at  WealthAlytics, Wealth Creation in African American Churches, and Wealthgevity The Theory of Long Term Wealth; W=me3.