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Dr. Ralph Steele, is a Licensed Financial Consultant, an Arbitrator, Mediator and a Professional Women’s Basketball Official. He is author of over 10 books, including How To Acquire and Keep Wealth. He is professor of mediation at the University of Texas Arlington. His philosophy is Wealth is a Human Right. He is an advocate for Wealth for All People.

While he conducts Wealth Creation and Financial Literacy education, and Business Ownership/Entrepreneurship Consulting assisting new business stat-ups and already existing businesses. He specializes in helping Professional Athletes Invest their wealth in safe for the best ROI? He has traveled all over the world to every continent and culture and has taught classes in Wealth Management and Entrepreneurship at Eastfield College in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Steele has conducted seminars at at Capitol One Bank, Stillman College, Tarrant County County Community College, The Community of Churches of God in Hampton, Virginia, Second Baptist Church, Waco, Texas, Friendship West Baptist church, Hightown Church of God, Longview Neder Williams elementary School, The Irving Convention Center, Irving, Texas and many others.

He has a Doctorate Degree from Oxford University, Masters from Vanderbilt, Bachelors from ConCordia -Seward, Nebraska, Associate-Alabama Lutheran Jr. College, Selma, Alabama, and 4 licenses in Michigan, Texas, Alabama and South Carolina in financial Consulting.

If you need a speaker or wealth consultant to assist you in either Investments or desire to own or receive strategic business analysis give me a call 817 729 0543.