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The main reasons are

1. To Advocate WEALTH for ALL PEOPLE.
2. To educate people about financial literacy and empowerment.
3. To teach people how to become wealthy and make better money decisions and investments.
4. To Develop a Cadre of Wealth Educators in teaching others about wealth.
5. To conduct WEALTH CREATION SEMINARS to Increase people’s knowledge about WEALTH.
6. To start a Business Endowment Fund that will assist in funding
a. Already existing businesses
b. Provide Seed monies for new business start-ups
c. Business owners complete a Business Certification Course to develop Competent Business Owners.

Motto:  It’s better to have wealth in your bank than wealth on your back, because wealth on your back takes money and wealth in your bank makes money.

A model of wealth is a family business.



How to acquire and keep wealth.

Collective Wealth Concepts

  • Intuitive reception of wealth vs planning for wealth
  • Churches
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Black Organizations
  • Black Professional Athletes
  • Black Entertainers
  • Wealth is a Human Right



Individual Wealth Concepts

  • Intuitive reception of wealth vs planning for wealth
  • Financial/Wealth Literacy
  • My Wealth Plan
  • Wealth Investments
  • Business Ownership
  • Models of Wealth
  • Mutual Wealthy Healthy Relationships (Networking)
  • A Desire to be Wealthy (Theoretical)
  • Becoming a Wealth Machine (Practical)
  • Living to be Debt Free
  • Having a minimum of 25% liquidity


White and Black churches: Learn economic revitalization of All Disadvantaged Americans.

Ten percent of tithes and offerings should automatically go towards economically engagement of disadvantaged Americans.

The greatest challenge for African Americans is economic deprivation.


Wealth is:

Analytical Thinking
Excellent Communication
Good Health
Peace – internal/external
Quality Relationships
25-50% above poverty level